From Christian Science to Jewish Science

Reading “From Christian Science to Jewish Science” was a fun part of my winter holiday in San Fransisco. Quite a page turner! It’s a remarkable story. I highly recommend “From Christian Science to Jewish Science” by Ellen Umensky for just about everyone.


“From Christian Science to Jewish Science” by Ellen Umansky

Ellen Umensky wrote this book because she found herself astounded that as a professor of Jewish studies she had never heard about Jewish Science. Further, that it was left out of scholarly works and that she had no idea that Christian Science was such a force in the first decades of the 20th century, to the degree that the Reform Rabbinical Community concocted a new brand of Jewish practice, Jewish Science, modeled on Christian science in a campaign to win Jews back from Christian Science.

What sad flattery to Mary Baker Eddy. In imitation of Christian Science, Jewish Science was created to lure Jews, hundreds to possibly thousands back from Christian Science, and to prevent other Jews who were potential converts to the new metaphysical religion that healed the sick.

Beyond the reasons put forth by the author, I think Jewish people would be attracted to Christian Science for the same reason I am: it’s scientific, intellectual, and a self-evident truth of God as both Mother and Father and an ever ready source of healing. The first book on Jewish Science was written by Alfred G. Moses in 1916. You can read it in google books. With passion to win Jews back from Science Moses states, “The Psalms were written by Jews for Jews.

"The Psalms are by Jews for Jews" Alfred G. Moses

“The Psalms are by Jews for Jews” Alfred G. Moses

Excerpt "Jewish Science" by Alfred G. Moses

Excerpt “Jewish Science” c. 1916, Alfred G. Moses

We find out in Umensky’s book that in mocking up a Jewish Science to compete with Christian Science much was left out. In Jewish Science there is no mother in God. In the early years of Jewish Science healers were instructed through a course of study. But they were never titled practitioners, just helpers. Jewish science is largely material, matter oriented, where Christian Science is fully spiritual and metaphysical. Yet, in its early stages Jewish Science promised the Jew that it could do just as much for him as Christian Science. But ultimately Jewish Science was steered to the doctor’s office.

Excerpt from "Jewish Science" c. 1916

Excerpt from “Jewish Science” c. 1916

Imagine a science of healing that is race or nation specific. Jewish Science was designed for Jews only.

Excerpt from "Jewish Science" c. 1916

Excerpt from “Jewish Science” c. 1916 claims Jewish Science contains every principle of Divine Healing. And the feminine face of God? No.


Jewish Science went on through the years and reduced itself to talks about positive thinking, health through good cheer and good deeds. Still later it became something bigger under the stewardship of Rabbi Clifton Harby Levy. Levy must have had many M.D. sponsors. At the end of his life he had an extraordinary art collection of biblical art. Thanks to Rabbi Levy Jewish Science is very big today, but it’s generally practiced by credentialed licensed health professionals in medical centers. The God of Jewish Science is an advocate of psychology. It’s now dispensed mostly by rabbis and chaplains. Jewish Science are services dispensed by trained therapists and psychologists to patients at medical centers. Cancer centers well stocked.



Encore, The Physics of Christian Science

After posting my last blog I listened to “Physics and Metaphysics” by Laurance Doyle. He makes the point that Christian Science is not about converting people or saving souls. I guess that needs to be said when you’re talking about Christianity. I’m looking forward to meeting Mr. Doyle. How can anyone at SETI think we are still looking for evidence? Mr. Doyle says the world will come together when it’s official we’re not alone.


Quantum Christian Science, a talk by Laurance Doyle

The word “science” in Christian science was so revolutionary in its day it inspired many imitators Scott of Skeptic Meditations brings up one of my favorite cases of such flattery, Paramahansa Yogananda. Many are they who use the term “science” casually as a marketing tool to sell all sorts of New Age spirituality. In contrast below Lawrence Doyle presents that quantum physics is playing catch up to Christian Science. He calls quantum physicists the “reluctant metaphysicians”.

Scientific Healing Affirmations Booklet

Scientific Healing Affirmations, a Booklet

My favorite example of a casual use of the term science is Yogananda’s guidebook book “Scientific Healing Affirmations”.  There are hundreds of other metaphysics science titles particularly post 1875. What I liked best in Yogananda’s book was the concept of instantaneous healing, an idea put forth by Eddy decades earlier.

Science is a common word. When Mary Baker Eddy declared it’s “time for thinkers”, well, is there any other answer for the spiritual seeker? Personally, I’ve had many direct divine experiences that are outside of all reason. Yet such experiences leave me to ever ponder the nature of reality through all my life. There must be a reason, some purpose to life and a truth. I never expected to be a scientist. I’m no intellectual. Common sense plus the burden of a New England Conscience.

Science claims can be based on any study or two of even twisted and manipulated statistics. For Yogananda, I don’t think anyone bothered. I’ll ask Scott. Correct me if I’m wrong! But Eddy’s method was science, did demand proofs, and proofs came in the form of extraordinary recorded healings. So much so that the science was used in the great wars, WWI, WWII and more. In her day, the Mayo brothers of the Mayo Clinic sent cases to Eddy’s practitioners.

My interest as an RN and healer is to look at the cause of the trend of using the word “science” to sell metaphysics and junk medicine. If you check the dates you’ll find a surge in the trend started after 1875. The was in response to compete with the overwhelming  popularity wave of a new healing science called Christian Science.

Christian Science, from its inception in 1875 to about 1925 was the fastest growing religion in America. And it was as a healing profession grounded in science. This threatened other sects of doctors and such business interests as patent drugs. Christian Science was such a revolutionary  concept, declaring that ultimate reality IS ALL GOOD, free of discord and disease, that the movement attracted hundreds of thousands of men and women from all quarters of society including other Christian denominations, businessmen, women, doctors, and even Jews were particularly attracted to this method which applied intellectual methods of reason to debate and extend this spiritual understanding that clearly defines reality according the the scriptures.

Dr. Laurance Doyle is a quantum physics scientist at SETI. SETI was featured in the movie “Contact” (one of my favorite movies). SETI is the official government institute searching for extraterrestrial life. Mr. Doyle discusses physics that support the core concepts set forth by Mrs. Eddy in Christian Science decades ahead of her time.  See here that Mrs. Eddy is planted firmly on his list of founding scientists in physics.MaryBEddy-slide

This science of God comes at a time where so many people fear for our planet and survival. If science is truth, and if all truly is mental, what more need we do then attune our perspective, abide in harmony and love. Here’s a great Doyle talk about Divine Science.