Whole Wife is a blog about Christian Science. I’m Martha Densmore RN, L.Ac. and my healing work is east-west integrative medicine. Here’s a link to my C.S. story and interview.

I use and teach integrative medicine of 3 sciences: 1. acupuncture  2.nursing  3. Christian science a.k.a Science of Mind healing. This website is about my own journey with Christian Science. I discovered Christian Science as I happened upon a book by Mary Baker Eddy in a thrift store. This was after 25 years of being a professional healer, owning acupuncture clinics, knowing so many healing methods etc. I mean I was shocked that I did not know about this method or Mrs. Eddy.

Whole Wife Christian Healing Logo

Christian Science Healing, a Logo by Whole Wife

Christian Science is about how to heal using biblical 1st century Christianity. It’s very applicable as the foundation to 12 step recovery which I’ve always loved.

The 1945 archeological find of the Nag Hammadi scriptures helps to verify what early Christian healings and practices were about. But, before any modern archeological discovery, Christian Science was divinely revealed to Mary Baker Eddy in the 1800s. In 1875 Mary published “Science and Health”.  “Science and Health” is a very user friendly map and key that interprets what Jesus was actually teaching and doing.

Christian Science is a healing method based on metaphysics or energy structures and standards. These standards relate to the human heart and mind, our thinking. The same is true for acupuncture or qi gong based on ancient Daoism.  Taoism is a lot about building energy through moral uprightness and virtue.

Christianity is an applied science. The message is a method to transcend illness and challenges. Christian Science, as explained and demonstrated by Mary B. Eddy, is a primal revelation, so that we can now know what 1st century Christianity really was. What was taught and practiced by Christ Jesus, his students, and followers.

As an acupuncturist I’m thrilled to study this updated Christianity. It totally applicable. It correlates with patterns of Chinese medicine yin yang and Daoist spirituality.

Other names Mary B. Eddy uses for Christian Science are Spiritual Science, Divine Science, Moral Science, Science of Being, Science of Soul, Science of Mind.  Eddy predates Earnest Holmes’s Church of Religious Science and all those many students of Emma Hopkins. The best Hopkins ever offers are patches and pieces taken from her teacher Mrs. Eddy.

Whole Wife Card

Christian Science as 3 Wands

Whole Wife is also a sacred art deck illustrated by Terry Lamb . I created the deck in 2010. A bit like Christian Science I used to call it by other names until I settled on Whole Wife. But now it’s coming back to being the WISSH deck. Hum I think it’s the WISSH deck.

My card deck has 81 illustrations. The idea started as a tarot deck. A  consequence of my initial interest for tarot art. The deck art follows the theme of a full traditional tarot with major and minor arcana. But I never was drawn to being a tarot person. So once I printed my cards they sat in a closet for several years. I waited for teachings that rang true for me. An lo and behold here comes Christian Science.

Christian Science teaches that good is to be loved wherever we find it. It tickles me that Christian Science so easily explains good and God in other forms of spirituality. I use Christian Science to integrate  spiritual teachings in 12 step recovery. (That’s where the 12 steps came from…shhhhh) I guess I’m a spiritual bartender of sorts.

My passion for unraveling history led me to my true teacher and mentor, Mary B. G. Eddy. Me in mid-life and she was too when she made her leap to a discovery. I teach Christian Science simply as it relates to my model of integrative medicine. When this ruffles the feathers of Christian Scientists, and it certainly does, my response is that it’s science and I give credit where it’s due.