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“Rebel with a Christ” on Blogtalk Radio show “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” with Karen Tate on Wednesday Nov. 18th, 2015 

It’s been a year since I discovered Mary Baker Eddy. I continue to be blown away by her revelation about science. And just as much—that I had never heard of Mary B. Eddy.  So confounded that people into spirituality and so many healers have never heard of Mary Eddy. In one such moment perplexity I thought to ask Karen Tate if she’d ever heard of Mary Eddy. Karen’s an expert on all things sacred feminine. She’s voted one of the 13 most influential people on goddess spirituality. Her online radio show “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” is a popular hit for years. Was I surprised at her answer? No. Because just like me and even living in the spiritual Mecca of L.A., Karen had never heard of Mary B. Eddy.

Anything with the word “Christian” we too often pass over. Wow! Like really wow!

The Eve-dream  / The Christian Science Journal

Feminism finds ground in the metaphysics of spiritual science.

“Woman is not physicality. Webster tells us that the word “female,” applying to animals and plants as well as to human beings, suggests sex, whereas “woman” may emphasize essential qualities.Womanly as well as manly qualities reflect God…True womanhood has never been touched throughout history by false classification. Woman is idea, and womanly qualities exist intact in Mind, God, for all to perceive, understand, and express in their own unique and individual way. These spiritual qualities can’t be destroyed. Blind animal sense may hurl barbs at its own oppressive misconception of the female, but the spiritual identity of the woman isn’t there to be hit.”

Source: Spiritual womanhood and the Eve-dream  / The Christian Science Journal

Mary Eddy & Albert Einstein

Mary Baker Eddy Badge

Mary Baker Eddy is the most famous “unknown” woman in American history. Mary Eddy formally introduced Christian Science in 1875. Mary’s spirituality was a metaphysics now proved in quantum theory. Spiritual Science explains time as nonexistent.

Christian Science is a bible based healing science that demonstrates the proofs and method of 1st Century Christianity. It’s compatible with Nag Hammadi scriptures, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and even a married Jesus (to Mary Magdalene).

Years after Mary’s day, in a linear sequence that is.. Albert Einstein proved Eddy’s science to be true about time….and about matter.

Folks at Burning Man name it “Default Reality”. Mary’s science is provable: that matter is unreal. Time is unreal.

Truth, Life and Love, these create reality. Mary Eddy expressed how thought and mind transcend the ages. She’s long gone but her thoughts and mind turned me on to Albert Einstein.
Einstein turned himself on with Mary’s Science. He attended her church…more than once…and spent hours in her reading room. It’s documented. I wonder if Christian Science inspired Einstein. I think it must have.

Christian Science explains the “impersonal God” in which Einstein, as quoted, believed.

Albert Einstein BadgeAlbert Einstein attended Mary’s Christian gatherings. Einstein went to check out Mary’s church. After all, the nervy lady Mary hailed her stuff as “Science”. She had caused quite a stir. Einstein went to see about it. He went to Eddy’s church and reading room. He read her theories. The verdict? Einstein said of Christian Science that if people knew what “this” REALLY is, the reading rooms would overflow with readers.

When asked if he’d like to join the church, Einstein pointed to his pipe tucked in his coat pocket. Smoking and drinking had to be quit for formal church membership.

Mary wasn’t all together keen on her formal church. She dissolved it twice. But many Scientists want fellowship and this continues.

Einstein believed in God as Mary explains God in her textbook. Mary’s God isn’t confined in human belief. Einstein could truthfully say I’m a great “unbeliever” in God. Science teaches the value of unbelief. Unbelievers and skeptics can make for the best Christians.

Einstein proved that time doesn’t exist beyond man’s limited perspective. Time is an idea bound by belief enforced by corporeal senses. And what of matter? Energy is all.